Bringing data(z) up
to the people!

who we are?

Datazup is a company with enthusiastic engineers who committed to delivering products and services in most challenging space of information world – big data world.

Our development teams are ready to get involved into ongoing or newly developing projects. We can even help developing your idea further doing market research, competition analytics and lean to any customer needs.


To build software and communities capable of handling challenging data changes in moving world of information.

By entering into this universe we are delivering software solutions capable of analyzing data in real-time and providing more compact and direct meaningful insights viewed from different dimensions spaces. By helping our Customers we bring them new opportunities for growth and business changes.


Big data requires collecting, transfer, storage, processing, analyzing, and securing the information that changes over time producing a high volume of meaningless information.

Information that has high correlation within itself that waits to be discovered.


Continuous process quality improvements secure our business and lower our Customer’s risks of failure.

We expect from our Customer’s full attention and adaptation to new environments so that we together can deliver the best to the world.


Bringing data(z) up to the ordinary users!

what we do?


Getting out there first is an imperative for our development team. We encouraging our developers to spend time analyzing the project few iterations in advance, if possible. This results in shortest response time when leaning to new features, even during development process.


Big data analytics is one of our strongest skills. We have knowledge and power to analyze and process the data from large streams even in real-time. Out knowledge in AI using latest technologies gave us opportunities to work on largest emotion processing company at present.


In a world full of bored, skilled, angry hackers you need best possible protection for your data.


Our creative team is far beyond drawing board. We listen to our customer needs, analyze the market and present best, fastest and most affordable solutions to improve your ideas.

lets improve your business with our solutions


BPU Holdings seeks to advance society with AEI by building technologies that revolutionize the communication between human and human, human and machine, and machine and machine. We are thankful to DataZup for working with us from bare beginnings of this fantastic journey. Without skilled and devoted DZ engineers we would not be here where we stand now - at the very top of emotional AI.

bpu holdings


We are trusted global software development company. Our services are used by European and US clients. Resources we offer are our IT professionals with strong technology skills lead by managers with top-business knowledge.

Our mission is to develop software without user manual. All available options should be intuitive, self-explanatory, unambiguous, but still configurable. While working with startup companies, we mastered agile lean development, because getting out there first is the only option. Working with DataZup is always a pleasure, as their projects are far more creative and challenging than we was used to.



Lilium Digital Communication Ltd is incorporated in April 2016 with the registered offices located in London and Sarajevo. Lilium Digital Communication Ltd has been running for more than 2 years with huge success stories behind. Operating as google and facebook partner we always provide the best marketing conversion rates for our clients.

Lilium digital


An brending company and much more. Somebody would called them business analysts. Other would say business consulting. Considered even an creative / art agency. But it’s not just that. It's much more - you need to experience it to understand.

Sherlock studio


ADEDA SOLUTIONS is an Bosnian based offshore outsourcing software development company providing custom software development solutions.

Adeda solutions




Technology is just a tool, but just to know that we are using on daily basis:
Design & Prototyping AngularJs, ReactJs, JQuery HTML5, CSS3 fabricJs
Backend +
PHP (Plain, Yii, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP) NodeJs (Express, Sails) .NET (C#, MVC) Java (Spring Boot, Vertx.io) Python (Flask, Django) Desktop (.Net, Java, Electron, Pascal, Delphi, Lazarus, Mono)
Relational (MSSql,MySql,PostgreSql) NoSql (MongoDB,Cassandra,Redis) Embedded (SqLite,Firebird) Object (Neo4J) Distributed (HBase,Elasticsearch) Cloud (Google BigTable) Old school (Fox,DBase,Clarion)
Android (native java,kotlin) IOS (native, objectiveC, swish) Universal (React Native, IONIC, PhoneGap)
Testing (Selenium, Jasmine, PHPUnit, jUnit, new relic)
Cloud (AWS, Hetzner services, Linode, Digital Ocean)
Distribution & Deployment (Jenkins, Docker, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes)
Agile (Scrum, Lean) Business analysis/consulting Quality Assurance Tooling (Jira, Github/Bitbucket, MS TeamServer)

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